Descendants Society Requests

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While paying respect at our sacred site...


The original Survivors and their Descendants intensely believe in respecting the spiritual sanctity of our sacred grounds.

When visiting our sacred site, the Descendants humbly request:

  • Conducting oneself in a respectful manner at all times. 
  • Not entering through the gate of the chain link fence which surrounds the mass grave. (Please do not request for permission of the on-site vendors or panhandlers. They are not Descendants.)
  • No video recording, filming or taking pictures (to include the use of drones) at the mass grave site. (Pictures on this website have been taken by a Descendant with approved permission.)
  • Absolutely NO firearms and/or the discharge of any type of weapon. (Please keep in mind that such weaponry was used to brutally murder our relatives and ancestors. Their last moments on Mother Earth was hearing the barrage of gunfire. Let them rest in peace.)

Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel to address them to our official Gate Keeper. 


Michael Yellow Horse

We would like to introduce the official Gate Keeper for the Descendants Society:

Michael "Mike" Yellow Horse. 

Mike is the fourth generation Descendant of Toka Kokipapi and Hazel Eyes, both Survivors of the Wounded Knee Massacre of 1890 and resides in the Wounded Knee community. 

We are ever so appreciative to Mike for his living our Lakota values of humility, respect and compassion when it comes to the protection of our relatives' burial place.

Mike is dedicated to the guardianship of the mass grave and surrounding cemetery from being disrespected by the local panhandlers, vendors, and respectfully assists travelers who come to pay homage at our sacred site from being solicited.

Mike kindly does all this on a volunteer basis, so please extend your gratitude as well when you meet Mike at our sacred site.