February 2018


On February 2, 2018, Descendants from both organizations of the 1890 Wounded Knee Massacre Descendants Society (Pine Ridge area) and Heartbeat at Wounded Knee (H.A.W.K., Cheyenne River area) presented a petition to the Oglala Lakota County Commissioners in Hot Springs, South Dakota, to request a temporary zoning ordinance of land owned by a non-Native against any commercial development. This petition was signed by Descendants of both the Cheyenne River and Pine Ridge reservations. 

The Oglala Lakota County Commissioners made a motion to hold a public hearing to address the temporary zoning issue. The public hearing will be held on the Pine Ridge reservation with a location and date to be announced. 

We will publish that information as soon as we receive information on it. 

Wopila for all the support and prayers in our protection of our sacred grounds.

August 2017


The 1890 Wounded Knee Massacre Descendant Society has received information of plans to establish a camp on the sacred grounds of our ancestors and relatives. 

Both the 1890 massacre and occupation of 1973 left the Wounded Knee community with heartbreak and continued suffering. It isn't just the mass grave site we Descendants hold sacred. It is the land in it's entirety. From the original camp site to the creek, ravines and hills our people fled to and sought protection. Yet the soldiers still pursued and slaughtered our men, women and children. It is in these places where the remains of some of our ancestors and relatives still reside. 

We do not support any one person or organization that would exploit our sacred site for personal, financial and/or political gain. 

We would acknowledge the setup or construction of any type of dwelling, whether temporary or permanent on the grounds where blood was innocently shed a disrespectful act towards our loved ones. 

We, the Descendants humbly request of you to allow our relatives to rest in peace.

Wopila tanka.


Wakanyakel h'papi


Non Natives picked a day to remember and honor their relatives who passed onto the spirit world. 

For us Lakotas, we remember our relatives every day by the teachings, the traditions and the oral history passed down from generation to generation. 

In Wounded Knee, our relatives were killed in a horrific manner by the same government who forced us onto reservations to starve. 

In a mass grave, on a hill in Wounded Knee is where our loved ones were buried in such an undignified and inhuman manner by religious people who did not bother to offer one single prayer or scripture during the mass burial. 

The Descendants perspective is this: our relatives burial grave is sacred, our loved ones lie in sacredness. "Wakanyakel h'papi"

No more desecration, no more exploiting our relatives' grave.


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