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About the Descendants Society

Our Mission

As Descendants of survivors of the Wounded Knee massacre, we are dedicated to the respectful protection and preservation of our sacred site (the mass grave and surrounding grounds on which blood was shed).

Our History

Since 1890, there have been several Survivors associations from both the Pine Ridge and Cheyenne River reservations which have endeavored to seek justice and protect the Wounded Knee massacre site. Although, these associations have become inactive or dormant over the last several decades, there has always been individual Descendants who have continued the struggle of protecting our sacred site. To these Descendants, we give our heartfelt "WOPILA TANKA!" and humbly join with you.

In June 2017, our nonprofit was formed with the purpose of continuing the legacy and responsibility of protection of our sacred site, while aspiring to unite our Takini Oyate.

The 1890 Wounded Knee Massacre Descendants Society is comprised of only those who descend from Survivors of the massacre.

Our Present

The 1890 Wounded Knee Massacre Descendants Society (W.K.M.D.S.) is established in Wounded Knee, located on the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota and consists only of direct lineal Descendants.
The Heartbeat at Wounded Knee (H.A.W.K.) 1890 is comprised of Descendants from the Cheyenne River reservation, also located in South Dakota.
Both associations whole heartedly share the same mission, and are collectively working together to unify Descendants in the protection of our sacred site by organizing Descendant meetings that alternate between the Pine Ridge and Cheyenne River reservations. 

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1890 Wounded Knee Massacre Descendants Society

PO Box 17 ~ Wounded Knee, South Dakota 57794

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